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Earth Spirit

*individual & group counseling
*oracle readings
*inner journeying
*adventure trips

Rosemarie is a dynamic and powerful leader, teacher, and life coach who has facilitated many on their journeys of discovering soul's purpose.
Utilizing ancient knowledge and practical applications,
she guides and facilitates
those on their paths to
healing, career and life transitions

Life Readings
Using oracle cards, a journey from past life through future potential.
Powerful for transformation and clarity of ones present and future path.
Provides direction for career, relationships, transitions
Clarification of past life karma,
Overall insight and guidance.
1-1/2 hour readings by phone or in person

Empowerment Teachings

Assisting one's healing and evolution through shamanic journeying and life coaching.
Discover one's power animals and spiritual guides.
Learn how to walk one's path around the medicine wheel.
Individual personal counseling: 1-1/2 hours each session
Group Workshop: 1/2 day to 3 day Intensives

Healing Circles

Transformational circles and ecstatic trance through movement and percussion
Duration: 2-4 hours

Language of The Drum:
In this hand drumming Playshop we will learn how to create and integrate our circle utilizing ancient rhythms through the Language of the Drum.
Full Moon Drumming:
Utilizing the element of Fire, we will honor the energies of this powerful lunar cycle to express and create through the teachings of ancient wisdom and rhythms. Hand drums, frame drums, and percussive toys welcome!
Teachings Around The Wheel:
Universal and Cycles of Life teachings combined with drumming and movement, create a sacred and exciting space for initiation into our Warrior spirit. Frame drums and rattles welcome.


Rosemarie guides small groups on sacred journeys to power spots of the earth
to connect with the ancient mysteries contained
within the geographic topographies and indigenous cultures.
These trips are for self healing, growth and empowerment,
as well as fun, adventure and connection to Mother Earth.

For more information on booking a workshop in your area, our upcoming journeys,
or to schedule a reading or private session
(available in person or by phone)
please call: 631-827-5277
or email us at


Earth Spirit clients speak out...

Thanks for speaking with Debra - she will be coming in to see you and I know you will help her find her way the way you did for me. God Bless you and all you do.
Anita S.
New Hampshire

I want to thank you for all you have provided for me and Kevin and kids. Your teachings, ceremonies and rituals have given us a foundation to grow on. I don't know how we would have found the light without your love and guidance.
We love you!
Chris and Kevin S.
Nassau County, NY

Rosie -
My life has changed since you came into it. Thank you sister, teacher, and friend - you amaze and inspire me with your wisdom and energy.
Annie W.
Kings Park, NY

Hey Ro -
Can I be you when I grow up? Thanks for what you bring to this earth.
Sheila Paterson
Centerport, N.Y.
eb spirit group

Rosemarie is unlike any other person I had ever met. It was a meeting that changed my life forever...
Nicole Mann
Screenwriter and poet
Long Island, NY
eb spirit ro


Ro -
Thank you for your Rhythms of Ecstasy(TM) workshop. You and Sanga are a great team - his drumming and your teachings. My power animal is still with me, and since my fire offering, I haven't smoked! By the way, how did you do your fire magic?
Love ya,
Kathy Riggins
New Jersey

Back in the last century, while nine months pregnant with my first child, my husband (at the time) and I attended a workshop given by Rosemarie Ceraso... It was the start of a special kinship with Ro, one of my most favorite teachers and one of many magical experiences I would have...
Alison Appel
Singer, Songwriter
Long Island, NY

Rosemarie -
I didn't know such beauty existed! The time with you and your rituals and drumming on the beach - what can I say? It has changed my life forever. Until we meet again -
Namaste my Sister,
Michelle Franks
San Diego
ebspirit horse


Our tribute to Mother in the mouth of the cave off of Lanai beach was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I will never forget.
Blessings to you and thank you.
Lainie Star
Maui, Hawaii

The trip was outstanding. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom - and I will never ever forget your drumming around our full moon fire circle! Whew!
Annie Dwyer
Vancouver, BC


Dearest Rosemarie,
Thank you for your strength and for carrying me out of the jungle after our ceremony. I was blessed with your presence.Your strength and beauty, both inner and external, are a gift from God. Please come visit us when we are in D.C.
Elizabeth Styles
Brazil, S.A,

To book a reading in person or by phone,
to inquire about upcoming workshops
or to sponsor a workshop in your area,
please call us at...
or email us at

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